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I had heard stories of the mythical Pure Wand and how it was a magical toy that would bring any G-spot out of their shell. Sounded good, but holding that heavy crescent of stainless steel was intimidating! And at the time I wasn’t loving a huge amount of penetration and I worried I wouldn’t be able to insert the larger head of the Pure Wand. A few inches over in the velvet display box there lay the Fun Wand, an S-shaped wand with a medium bead at one end and 3 smaller beads on the other. Still stainless steel and with a bit of heft to it for it’s size, it seemed more inviting overall.

The Steel is cold to touch at first. I very much dislike the cold and personally hate cold temperature play when it is done on me, so I put my wand under the blankets or under the pillow while I’m gathering my other supplies such as lube and a towel, or keep it under the pillow when I’m making out with a partner and we’ll be using it later. This warms it up enough that it is about body temperature when I am ready to insert it. The stainless steel also warms up very quickly, so even holding it in my fists for 30 seconds warms it up close to my body temperature. On the other hand, when I am using it on a partner who is a masochist, I like to use the cold wand as a “punishment.” – The Fun Wand is very versatile!

Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo
Fun Wand by Njoy

I coat the wand with a bit of Sutil water based lube because it is thick and offers a perfect amount of glide on the toy. The stainless steel is a dream, especially when a bit of lube is applied to it, because there is no drag. I have a very sensitive vagina and have experienced bouts of vaginismus, which is when the vaginal muscles spasm closed when something tries to go inside and the pain will get worse if pressure is applied to try and force the thing. When I am coming out of a vaginismus episode (which can last between 1 week and 1 year for me) I like a slender, firm, and smooth object to play with for insertion. Even the most smooth silicone will pull a little too much on the sensitive tissue surrounding the opening and cause pain, so I opt for glass or steel. Even a gloved finger can be too much texture if I’m feeling especially princess-and-the-pea-like.

The multi-beaded end of the Fun Wand is my favorite. There is about 1/2” between each bead and they are shaped like tear drops instead of spheres. This is a great design because it means that the tip is slightly pointed for better insertion into the orifice of your choosing and the rounded bottom is what provides the * pop* when the muscles closes around it. The rounded bottom also give resistance for when the toy is pulled out of the hole and this is fun for teasing and for those who love a small amount of pressure on the way out. The beads give me a tiny amount of fullness as they enter, starting at 3/4” and getting progressively larger with the last being 1” in length. The wand’s core is still very slender so my opening can close around each bead and rest there if needed. When inserted all the way, the beads give my muscles something to cling around so I still have the sense of something inside me, as opposed to a slimline type toy which has no texture or shape to it. I have realized through the years that I need some sort of shape or texture on a toy for my vagina to get excited.

Perhaps because of the 3 beads lined up on one end of the Fun Wand this toy was often marketed as a butt toy where I worked. Anal beads are totally a thing but joy in small popping sensations is not limited to the ass alone. And luckily because stainless steel can be boiled to disinfect it, I could try what it felt like in both my vag and ass without the use of a condom.* Cleaning is super easy, just hot water and soap immediately after use and boiling if you will be using it on various orifices and/or people.

When using the Fun Wand on a partner I am usually wearing a glove because I will start with finger penetration and work my way up to the toy (which is only slightly larger than my thumb, so not a huge leap) and this is important because when the wand gets lube-y it can be a little difficult to hold on to. The glove helps me get a better grip on the otherwise shiny exterior. The S-shape gives me a natural handle and my wrist doesn’t have to wrench around. Having a partner on their hands and knees while I gently massage their prostate or g-spot with the Fun Wand is delectable. When I’m being a meany, the Fun Wand is also perfect to hit my partner’s butt or thighs with in between penetration. The Beads on either end leave cute little bruises and the toy itself is lightweight enough that it gives the thud of a medium-range impact toy.

The Fun Wand by Njoy was the perfect way to introduce myself to stainless steel. I have since acquired most of the Njoy line, but the Fun Wand remains the most-used off all of them because of the versatility and unique shape. It is basically the multi-tool of the Njoy line: Good for butts, vaginas, solo play, partner play, warm up, or temperature play. Aesthetically it is gorgeous and could easily be left out as a work of art, which it is. Sure, It’s not as epic as the Eleven and it doesn’t have the cult-appeal of the Pure wand, but there is defiantly a place in the sex toy hall of fame for the wonderful Fun Wand.



*If you are wanting to put a toy or penis in your butt and in your vag in the same session, please remember to either always go vagina first then butt, or to use condoms and swap them out when you are ready to change holes. This will reduce the potential for vaginal infections!






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