I Teach

I am always excited to teach about sex and relationships in person. I’ve taught in colleges and bar rooms, in dungeons and libraries, in LGBTQ centers and high schools. Where can you bring me next?

teaching props
Getting ready for a Talking About Sex workshop!

My workshops are informative and fun: My goal is to bring trauma-informed, trans-inclusive, and pleasure-based sex education to the masses and have everyone leave knowing at least one more thing than they knew before. Some of the workshops I offer are:

  • Consent and Communication
  • Talking About Sex: an intro to pleasure-based sex
  • Intro to Kink
  • Sex Toys 101
  • Strap-It-On: Strap-on Sex for Every Body
  • Raise Your Fist: a class on fisting
  • Vaginal Ejaculation and the G-Spot
  • Cunnilingus 101
  • Better Blow Jobs
  • All About Butts: Anal Play
  • Experimental Bondage
  • BDSM as a Healing Practice for Survivors
  • Put A Spell on Me: Sex Magic

In addition to these subjects I can tailor a workshop specifically for your group, so let me know where your interests lie. If you would like my expertise in a more personal setting I also offer 1 or 2 hour skype consultations or one-on-one sessions in person for any of the listed topics.

Do you not live near an accessible, feminist sex shop? I have multiple years in the adult industry retail world and a near encyclopedic knowledge of toys, materials, and companies. Hire me to help you figure out the perfect toy for you!

Contact me:

idolsofsheela (a) protonmail.com