The Fling: A surprise

I tend to lust after the sex toys that are non-representational sculpted works of art. Don’t get me wrong, I have many penis-shaped dildos that I love using. There is just something about a smoothed curve of an object that could be left out as an art piece on the coffee table that makes me want to… These objects are seductive, inviting you to pick them up and caress them, use them to caress yourself with them. The Fling by NobEssence is one of these sculptures.

Having been in the sex toy industry for over ½ a decade now, I can generally see an insertable toy and have some idea of the way I would use it or how it would feel. But the Fling surprised me a bit! The Fling is 7” long and 3.5” insertable. The shape is of an “S” with the head curved in the opposite direction as the handle. The handle has a hole in the middle with ridges carved into it suggesting two fingers curve in to control the movement of the dildo. From these dimensions I assumed that I would rock this toy into my G-spot, similar in movement to the Comet Wand or the Pure Wand.

Wooden Dildo
Fling by NobEssence

These days I require a bit of warm up for toys of almost any size, especially for a wooden object that is WAY less forgiving than a squishy silicone toy. I need to slowly get myself aroused so that my vaginal canal lets in whatever I’m working with. A bit of external vibration and a thinner glass dildo usually do the trick. I am liberal with the lubrication, preferring a medium-thick water based formula. After I got myself warmed up, I drizzled the Fling with lube and inserted it- and then was somewhat surprised when my vaginal walls clamped down on it, refusing to release it!

I panicked for a moment (oh my goddess, what if my vaginal opening was spasmed shut and I wouldn’t be able to remove it!?) but then I breathed deeply and felt my muscles relaxing as I rocked the Fling backwards just a bit. Ok, I had movement. So once I decided I WOULD be able to remove it at some point, I decided to lean into the squeezing of my vaginal walls. The neck of the toy is so much smaller than the head or the handle, meaning that the Fling, once in, stays put on its own. I applied my Magic Wand over the top of my vulva and on my clit and brought myself to orgasm several times in a row, which was pretty cool.

Usually when I cum my vagina expels whatever is inside of me unless I or a partner hold the inserted object in place. Because the Fling was set on its own, I could feel the muscles clamp around it during orgasm, but stay where it was due to its shape. That meant that I could continue to orgasm without changing position or re-setting myself. It made me feel like the toy had me in bondage, holding me in place as I endured the orgasms. I am sure that this element of submission to myself (and the Fling?) played a part in me wanting to prove to myself I could take it.

The Toy is carved smooth, but the wood has just enough grip to provide some resistance, even when lubed up. This meant that with every orgasm my Vagina gripped the delicate texture. When I felt ready to pull the Fling from my cavity, I moved slowly and breathed deeply into the release. With my fingers still in the handle I moved my hand towards my belly and rubbed out one more, this time using the head of the toy on my clit. It was perfect.

I’ve only ever used it in my vagina, but with the shape of this toy being what it is, I feel good saying that it would be a butt-safe toy too. Because the insertable bulb is fairly big, this is not for beginners and would probably need quite a bit of work up for it to go in easily. Using a condom with it would make clean-up that much easier.

The wooden dildo is coated in a body-safe sealant to make sure the wood is super smooth and that it remains non-porous. The Fling is best cleaned using hot water and soap, wiping down the full surface. Although this is the only wood insertable in my collection, I have several more pieces on my wish list because the combo of a hard material toy with a slightly resistant surface makes me swoon.


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