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A Pup and His Mistress: A Porn Review

I  am a big believer that there is something out there for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a while to find it; but you better believe that it is out there AND there is an ethical way to obtain it. From vanilla sweetness to the raunchiest kink there are porn actors who like what they perform and are compensated fairly for their work. Of course there are some companies that try to scam their actors and push them to do more for less money, but that, unfortunately, is pretty commonplace in capitalism regardless of the field of labor. Sex Work is Work and we should all be fighting for better labor practices across the board.

But I digress. Porn is an exhibitionist and sexually explicit form of art.  Some porn can be totally hot as well as educational, not necessarily in the “how to do this” type model (of which there IS some excellent porn out there of this kind) but in the sense that some porn crosses genres in an easy and elegant fashion that makes the introduction to new ways of sexy more accessible. CrashPad’s Episode 253: Sinful Sweetheart and Tramp is one of these gems.

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