Portable Goddess of Love

After working in the sex toy industry for several years, there are not too many toys that I see which are ground-breaking or completely unique, despite what their marketing might tell you. Thankfully we live in a time when pure silicone is becoming more affordable and common in sex toy production and a variety of motors have been refined to be powerful and rechargeable. What makes me excited is when I find a toy that hits a lot of my basic requirements and does so in an easy-to-access way: Enter the Aphrodite by Exotica Erotica, a new favorite on my nightstand.

Aphrodite Vibrator
Aphrodite reclining on the beach

A medium sized wand, the Aphrodite is more than it appears at first glance. Fully coated in silicone, this waterproof, rechargeable vibrator has a wand head on one side and a ridged insertable handle on the other side. Both sides have their own motor and can be controlled separately. Each motor has 3 speeds and 4 pulse patterns and the insertable handle has a heater function that can be used while the motor is also vibrating. I mostly like the medium and high vibrator settings for the head and the pulse patterns for the internal piece. It only comes in hot pink, but as this is one of my favorite colors for sex toys, this is a plus for me.

Although this appears to be another mid-side wand in the mix, the Aphrodite stands out because while other toys have clumsily tried to mash these elements together in an all-in-one toy, I have never actually seen it work as well as it does here. The toy is entirely silicone with no bothersome seams and the buttons are also covered and raised for easy access. No plastics, no coated metals, no annoying-to-clean rivets. The charging port is located behind the buttons and is a protected port for a USB cord. Both sides are usable and offer the user several options without too much fuss. Clean-up is a breeze.

Length of Aphrodite Vibrator
9 inches of self-love

The entire toy is about 9” long and 1.5” at its widest point, making it easy to travel with and comfortable to hold for people with smaller hands or wrist problems. Because of the silicone coating, when the motor is being used on one side, it can still be felt a little on the other side where it is being held, but no more than other vibrators I have used. The battery is also long lasting (I can use it daily for a week without recharging), but be sure to turn off the toy completely after use, because leaving the main power button on even while the motors are off will drain the battery, which I learned the hard way.

4 buttons on the Vibrator
The buttons light up

The buttons are really the only thing I take issue with. There is a main power button which needs to be held for 3 seconds to turn on and will light up blue. Then, each motor ALSO has its own button, but they look the same, so you just need to play it by ear to figure out which motor you are turning on to start with. I would have liked if there were some kind of different marking in each button to let you know which side it belonged to. The heating button is marked differently and also turns red when turned on, so at least that is straight-forward. Holding down any of the motor or heat buttons will turn that specific function off, but you need to remember to also turn off the main power button. At least these buttons are easy to press and far enough apart from each other that I don’t accidentally hit more than one at a time.

My favorite aspect of this toy is the insertable handle. It starts off fairly small (about 1” in diameter) and has a gradual increase in width. The full length of the insertable portion is about 5”. The tip is curved just a little bit and the entire handle is a medium density silicone which is also a bit flexible. The ripples are just pronounced enough to provide a noticeable texture. The silicone itself is a kind of matte velvet with a bit of a grip to it, and so I used a thick water-based lube with it to counter the friction caused by thrusting the toy in and out. The warming function on the handle is a luxury bonus kind of like seat warmers in a car; unnecessary, but lovely, and a function I find myself using most of the time when I’m playing with this toy. The motor falls between the Vibratex Mystic Wand and a JimmyJane Form 2 in strength and frequency. I have enough power to bring me to climax and I don’t need to reach for another toy when I’m ready to take something internally– I just flip it in my hand! This sometimes results in my hand getting a little lube-y, but I don’t really mind that.

I have two general types of masturbation that I engage in: One is using a high-powered toy to get myself off in as short a time as possible. The other is me laying out a variety of topical vibes and dildos so that I can engage in both outercourse and intercourse during my session, which means this second type usually requires a bit of set-up. With the Aphrodite, I now have the best of both worlds! Perfect for some self exploration or for using with a partner, I feel like a goddess with all the options at my fingertips.


Thanks to Exotica Erotica for sending me this toy in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. You can purchase this item at Exotica Erotica



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