New Wand on the Block

I have a thing for wand vibrators. External stimulation is super important for me and is pretty much the only thing that has been consistent about my sex life from day one. Wand vibrators are great because they have a head with a fair amount of surface area which is helpful in warming up the labia and clit legs before I move directly to my clit head and with longer handles than most vibrators, I don’t have to wrench my wrist around to apply pressure, which is especially key if my joints have been acting up and I’m having a bad pain day in my wrists. When I pulled my new Doxy Number 3 out of the bag I knew that this was now the prettiest wand I owned– but would it hold it’s own in my arsenal?

Doxy Smol Wand
Number 3 Wand by Doxy

I got my answer the first time I used it: YES. The basics I need in a wand are covered, namely strength and easy for me to hold. The head is smaller than the Magic Wand or Doxy Original, but I think that is a positive for this toy. The head is less than 2” in diameter and firm silicone. The neck has a small bit of give to it, but not much, meaning that I can apply a lot of direct pressure to my clit and the thuddy vibration is directed right where I need it. Because the head is relatively small I can squeeze my legs closed around it without my thighs buzzing the way they do with the Magic Wand or, I can easily use it in a bondage scene where the legs have been bound together and I want to force a strong vibe on the genitals.

One of the best things about Doxy are their motors. I love the deeper rumble of their toys. Of the Oldies but goodies in my collection, I usually prefer my Wahl Massager to my Original Magic Wand because of the deeper base in the vibration. The way the deeper rumble moves thru my body is reminiscent of being at a metal show where the amps take up most of the stage and my body reverberates from the wall of sound. I crave this visceral reaction to the sound. While nothing matches my Wahl in vibration frequency, Doxy has given me a low pitch vibration in the form of a toy that is much easier to hold and made from body safe materials that can be disinfected unlike my Wahl with the soft plastic attachments. When compared to the Magic Wand Rechargeable the Doxy Number Three is a similar strength, but while the MWR vibrations are felt reverberating in the entire  because of the larger and softer head, The Doxy pinpoints the vibration at a lower frequency exactly where I want it for more depth.

And not for nothing, the metal is sexy. The handle of the Doxy Number Three is Aluminum & Titanium (just like their Die Cast models) and has some weight to it. It feels lux and fits easily in my hand, weighted evenly for easy holding, unlike the Magic Wand Rechargeable or even the Original Magic Wand which are both head-heavy. The Doxy weighs 12oz and in comparison a first generation ipad weighs 24oz. My personal issue with the metal handle is that I wear 2 silver rings on my dominant hand which I rarely take off and almost every time I’ve used the toy I’ve been surprised by the rattling

High quality and body safe
The silicone head screws off for easy cleaning

sound of the metal on metal and have to hurry to remove the rings so I can get on with the business at hand. The 9 foot plug-in cord is plenty long enough for getting the toy to reach wherever I’ve needed it and means that even on a king-sized bed you could have it plugged in on one side and move wherever you needed to. I’m also in love with the head that screws off for easy cleaning. It is metal and silicone and can be boiled with my other toys.


I mainly use steady vibration settings to get myself off. Some patterns are good for me when I want a long, lazy masturbation session or if I am feeling desensitized or over-sensitized in my genital region. When this is the case I stick to the crescendo (or escalating) patterns. At first the Doxy Number 3 seems like it only has steady vibrations that can either be increased or decreased. I accidentally found the pulse settings when I held down the power button for a few seconds and it began a crescendo. I tried to find the steady vibration again but pushing the plus and minus only made the pattern increase or decrease in intensity. So I turned off the toy and turned it back on and it was back to steady. Feeling a little worried I’d broken my pretty new toy after only a few uses I looked it up online, and sure enough, this is a thing with the Doxy wands. Press the Power button for one second to turn it on normally or hold the Power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on the patterns. I like that there are two settings, one for steady and one for escalating and now that I know this I won’t accidentally end up with the wrong one.

Flush buttons on the Doxy No. 3
Buttons on the Doxy No. 3 are flush

The Doxy Number Three, like it’s siblings, has 3 buttons: Power, Plus, Minus. These buttons are where I have my biggest issue with this toy. When turned on it starts at the lowest setting and I can adjust with the plus or minus buttons for intensity. The buttons also glow blue with LED lights, I guess so one can see them in the dark but I can only see 3 glowing buttons, not what distinguishes them from each other. I like that they are indented with their purpose so I can just feel for the plus or minus with my fingertip and this works well for me when I need to adjust it during use. However, because the buttons are flush with the casing they are

Raised Vibe Buttons
Buttons on the Don are raised

difficult to operate when I have longer nails because my point catches on the edge and I can’t press all the way down. This is an issue because the buttons need to be pressed all the way in order to activate, and even then they sometimes stick or get caught under the lip of the casing. This is not only an issue for those who have longer nails, but I can also see this being a problem for folks with limited dexterity in their hands. I wish that the buttons were raised like on the control panel of the Doxy Don. This would be a game changer.

Overall I love the Doxy Number 3. This small and gorgeous toy has moved to the front of my wand stand for easy access. I love it for personal use as well as partner play time and the deeper rumble speaks to my need for power and depth of vibration while meeting my need for direct and focused stimulation. I hope that Doxy looks into their buttons and makes a few adjustments to be a little more firm and a bit raised to allow for more accessibility for folks who need to use their finger pads or knuckles to operate buttons. I love my Doxy Number Three and can’t wait for more adventures with my new favorite wand vibrator.








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