Divine Inspiration

Content Warning: Sacrilegious material and nun puns


I am sure there has to be some correlation between being raised Catholic and ending up a witchy kinky queer freak. I mean, a love for pageantry, mysticism, and a living arrangement without men? Yes please! Obviously I found a different path than a rural convent, but I cannot discount the spiritual and cultural influences in my life– and perhaps it would be funny even try to escape them. I mean, I did end up living in maybe the most Catholic city in the United States.

Not that you have to be a [recovering] Catholic to enjoy the Mother Interior, Hole Punch Toys’ answer to body safe sacrilege. Advertised at 8.75” tall (about 7.5” insertable) and 1.75” at her widest point (her praying hands and then later her hips/ass) I would categorize this as a medium sized dildo on the bigger end of medium, better for those who like smooth ripples of texture. The silicone is a medium firmness with a nice single-density squish to it and the shaft is very flexible, which is great for deeper maneuvering while still holding it’s shape firm enough that it isn’t flopping all over the place.


Mother Interior by Hole Punch Toys

The best part of the Mother Interior’s sensation in my opinion, is the forced popping that happens around her hips. The first 3.25” in length, a serene face with hands clasped under the chin in prayer, a nun’s habit framing her torso, are what I would expect from a dildo of this smoothness and thickness. But then her waist narrows and it takes a little extra force to get the ample ass and girthy hips inside– and that is where heaven is. I’m a self-proclaimed ass admirer, and this silicone sister is no exception. She is curvy in all the right places, really just an invitation to sin! Because the silicone has that kind of nice squish to it, the dildo can be thrust vigorously for the popping sensation over and over again without getting too bruisy around the opening of the vagina or bumping the cervix too hard.

I would exercise caution with the Mother Interior used anally for two reasons: One being that the base is 2” wide (wider than the biggest bulge on the insertable portion) but it is at such a gradual slope, following the flow of the nun’s gown to the floor, that if you are someone who gapes easily (i.e. your butthole, once it is ready for penetration, opens wide) it could be sucked in since there is not a hard stopper on it. This is really more of a warning for people who (a) do not have much experience with anal play but are pretty much ready to try the biggest things they can get a hold of, or (b) for people who already know that their ass is a bottomless pit and wants to devour every holy possibility. The second concern is that my nun has a pretty pronounced seam running along the length of the toy in the middle where the mold came together. Sometimes butts are more sensitive to this kind of ridged texture. If this is you but you absolutely need to be butt fucked by a nun, maybe slide a condom over her. If you only want to insert up until her waist, it is a good 3.25” in length, as I mentioned before, and just a little bit shorter than the Tantus Ryder; perfect for just a taste of the divine.

In addition to insertion, the Mother Interior makes a lovely impact toy. The lower portion of the gown is a natural handle and the upper-body lands in a sublimely mean thud. Due to the density of the silicone, the sensation is similar to being punched by a small-ish fist. The flexibility of the dildo is key here because it means that not very much force is required by the person wielding the nun in order for the recipient to still feel the full power of the hit. The versatility of this piece makes it a must-have toy for me.

The Mother Interior is made of high-quality silicone and can be boiled or placed in the top of a dishwasher for cleaning. DO NOT anoint this nun with silicone lube. I like a thick water-based lube, especially for more vigorous fucking.

Now go clean your altars, get on your knees, and let yourself be filled by the holy spirit.

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  1. Normally when I see a toy like this all I can think about is the novelty. I like that you actually described some cool features like the pop of this dil’s hips and the impact toy option. ACTUALLY INTERESTED!

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